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Dah Sing Maryknoll Convent School Platinum VISA Card

Autopay Scheme of MCS Educational Trust

Bring your reunions or class anniversary celebrations back to school
There’s no better place like home. Your alma mater welcomes you with open arms. Call the school office to check availability.

-Primary: 2336 0611

Why not make a donation to the MCS Educational Trust, making the occasion doubly meaningful?

MCSFSA OUF (Sep 2015)

MCSFSA AGM (Aug 2015)

MCS Bread Run (Jul 2015)

Cup Cake Baking Fun (Apr 2015)

MCS Open Day (Mar 2015)

MCS 90th Anniversary Jumbo Feast (Feb 2015)

MCS Legal Luncheon at (Jan 2015)

Wine Tasting (Nov 2014)

MCSFSA AGM 2014 (Aug 2014)

MCS Jumbo Feast (Feb 2014)

Autumn Art Workshop (Nov 2013)

Trailblazers In Habits (Oct 2013)

MCSFSA AGM (July 2013)

Banana Bread Baking Fun (Apr 2013)

MCS Jumbo Feast (Feb 2013)
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