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Our Mission

The Maryknoll Convent School Former Students' Association (FSA) exists to promote fellowship among graduates of Maryknoll Convent School (MCS), to strengthen links between the school and its graduates, and to contribute to the well-being of the school and its members. In all its undertakings, FSA strives to uphold the Maryknoll spirit of Sola Nobilitas Virtus (Virtue Alone Ennobles).

Our Objective

  • To promote fellowship among former students of Maryknoll Convent School;
  • To foster and support realisation of Catholic ideals in every sphere of life;
  • To promote mutual welfare of and provide recreational, social and cultural activities and pastimes for the members;
  • To sponsor charitable activities;
  • To do all such other lawful acts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above objectives including without limitation the raising of the necessary funds.

Our Organization

With the establishment of the Incorporated Management Committees (IMCs) for both the MCS Primary and Secondary Sections, the MCSFSA has set up two new branches in March 2013 for the purpose of nominating and electing an Alumni Manager toward the respective IMC. All former students are eligible to join the respective branches, subject to verification by the School.

Exco Members

MCS FSA Executive Committee Members (2016-2017)

President: Samantha Tam (93)
Vice-President(s): Jessica Wong (00), Ronnie Tam (01), Maggie Chau (85)
Treasurer(s): Joanne Yu (94), Pinny Yip (84)
Secretary(s): Carly Ng (03), June Lo (84)
i. Committee of Membership: Ronnie Tam (01)
ii. Committee of Fundraising: Jessica Wong (00)
iii. Committee of Alumni Liaison: Pinny Yip (84)
iv. Committee of Career and Young Members: Ronnie Tam (00)
v. Committee of Recreation and Community Service: Joyce Wong (95)
vi. Committee of Communications: Jessica Wong (00)
Members: Angela Cheung (80), Michele Lau(90), Polly Chan (98), Sammi Chan (02)
Associate Members: Abigail Wong(95), Winnie Chan (00), Bridget Chan (03), Winnie Chan (03)
Honorary Legal Advisor: Barbara Hung (75), Elaine Sum (89), Gigi Woo (89)
Honorary Auditor: Vincent W M Lai & Co., CPA
Honorary Members: Sister Marilu Limgenco, Ms Melaine Lee, Mrs Josephine Lo, Ephrem Shiu (85), Patti Chan (87)


MCSFSA PS Management Committee (2017-2019)

President: June Lo (83)
Honorary Secretary: Joanne Yu (94)
Honorary Treasurer: Lucy Khouw (82)
Honorary Legal Advisor: Gigi Woo (89)
Alumni Manager: Jessica Wong (00)


MCSFSA SS Management Committee (2017-2019)

President: Maggie Chau (85)
Honorary Secretary: Samantha Tam (93)
Honorary Treasurer: Joyce Wong (94)
Honorary Legal Advisor: Elaine Sum (89)
Alumni Manager: Ronnie Tam (01)

Class Rep System

We have solicited the help of representatives of different graduating classes to keep updated contact lists of the classes so as to help us disseminate information on forthcoming FSA events. Class representatives are also welcomed and encouraged to attend the regular FSA meetings from time to time.

Maryknoll has been nurturing young minds since 1925. Please support us by volunteering to become a rep for your class. Contact our Chairperson of Membership Committee for details.


In 1950, a few Maryknollers came together to form the FSA with the noble aim of fostering fellowship among former students of MCS and rendering continued support to Maryknoll. Today MCS FSA is a registered non profit-making organization with a membership spanning from graduates from 1936 to the most recent graduates. The FSA offers opportunities for members to serve the community, such as hospitals, the Mother House and to serve our school. We also support the School, MCS Foundation and MCS Educational Trust in their activities and other fund raising events.

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